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Totally automated, imported mono bloc burners, [Bentone – Sweeden][ 2 nos] with a full fledged burner management system with the burners operating on preset temperature conditions without operator’s involvement.

Burners are fitted with mechanized traversing facility to get released out of the furnace bloc in the event of power failure and during shut off of the incinerator for protection against hot gases coming in contact with the burner diffusers / electrodes. [An unique feature of SOUTHERN THERMAL system].

Screw conveyer: manufacture and export screw conveyor which find their applications in various industrial applications. Our screw conveyor are comprised of a screw inside the hollow pipe contained within tube and is turned with the help of a motor in order to deliver material from one end of the conveyer to the other.

Screw conveyer Roller conveyor O Ring Dross Trolley
The centrifugal fan has a moving component (called an impeller) that consists of a central shaft about which a set of blades, or ribs, are positioned. Centrifugal fans blow air at right angles to the intake of the fan, and spin the air outwards to the outlet (by deflection and centrifugal force).
The impeller rotates, causing air to enter the fan near the shaft and move perpendicularly from the shaft to the opening in the scroll-shaped fan casing. A centrifugal fan produces more pressure for a given air volume, and is used where this is desirable such as in leaf blowers, blow-dryers, air mattress inflators, inflatable structures, climate control, & various industrial purposes. They are typically noisier than comparable axial fans.
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