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Frame and Pressure plate available in Carbon steel / CS cladded with SS
Capacity from 500 LPH to 200000 LPH for beverage and other food and chemical Products for instant chilling and heating
Plates are available in SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316 L / Titanium
Gaskets are available in Nitrile / EPDM / Vitron etc depending on temperature.
Capacity of water evaporation 1Kg/hr to 100,000 Kg/hr
Suitable for drying heat sensitive products In food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries
Both Rotary and Nozzle atomizer systems Provided to meet application demand
Available with direct / indirect oil fired heating system, steam radiators or electrical Heater as per application
Lab model spray dryer for research institutes
Fluid bed dryer on request

STEC specializes in Designing, Manufacturing & commissioning of complete Fume Exhaust & Scrubbing Systems on turn-key basis for removal of Hazardous & Noxious fumes / gases like HCl, SO2, Nox, Cl2, HBr, NH3 and so on. Following parts plays vital role for the successful functioning of the systems and therefore selection of suitable type & size is very important.

A wet scrubber is a simple method to clean exhaust air or exhaust gas and remove toxic or smelling compounds. In the flue gas scrubber, the gas gets in close contact with fine water drops in a co-current or counter current flow. This method is more effective when the water drop size gets smaller and the total surface between water or washing fluid and the gas gets larger. The water or washing fluid is recirculated normally in order to save water and reduce the amount of waste water.

The result is decontamination, detoxification, dedusting or dust removal, dehumidification, as well as removal of smelling for the benefit of our environment.

Especially water soluble components can be removed very well from the gas. By dissolving those components, the water or washing liquid will be contaminated in many cases. The dissolved components are frequently acid or basic chemicals like hydrogen chloride HCl, nitric / nitrogen oxide NO / NO2 or ammonia NH3. By an optional neutralization unit, installed in the wet scrubber it is possible to keep the pH value of the washing liquid and the waste water at a neutral level. Furthermore absorption of acid components is improved by using basic washing liquid and removal of basic chemicals is more effective by using acid washing liquid. Dust is precipitated and if larger amounts are created then this will lead to slurry accumulation in the waste water, which has to be removed by filtering. The filter cake might be special waste and has to be treated accordingly.
Waste Heat Recovery Systems on Furnace
By using waste heat in exhaust gases from Furnaces. We Can generate hot air.
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